Let's get through this crisis together

Food merchants and service providers unite during uncertain times.

Feed and lead the way

Keep in touch with your community

The spread of COVID-19 sparks a lot of uncertainty with restaurants and merchants. “FIND YOUR TAKEOUT” allow small-scale restauranteurs, butchers, bakers and food merchants nearby to impliment a simple and efficient “takeout” service. This allows local customers to quickly find options for food and provisions.

How does it work?

Register your business

List your products and pick-up instructions

Receive orders

A community effort

FIND YOUR TAKEOUT is deployed to provide help for artisans and specialists in food, catering and gourmet offerings by implimenting an affordable and durable “takeout” system. It is our belief that this will help merchants and restauranteurs to weather the crisis during these uncertain times.

Our team continuously reacts to how this crisis evolves and works with several companies to implement additional features. This first version has been urgently developped to provide immediate help for our communities.

We appreciate your encouragement! Continue to follow our platform and spread the word! More details will be released during the next few days.